"My grandmother was illiterate, so we developed our own (method) of communication by combining English, Italian and gestures--a home-made language we call Natale language," Natale says.   CHICAGO TRIBUNE   " NO WORDS ARE NECESSARY"

""I'm impressed because he is funny," Jenkins adds. "He'll say, `hell-ooo,' and I'll say, `You never heard Billy Crystal say hell-ooo. How do you know that's funnier than (plain) hello?'  That's why I think he's such a good actor. If he were hearing, he'd be Kenneth Branagh. It's an organic feeling in him."  Christine Jenkins

"Because it's like a dialect. Katie signs different from Sean Berdy, and he signs different from Marlee Matlin. The coach has to make sure that all our dialects match, the same way if we were all doing a show set in Texas, we'd all have the same dialects. I love our coach. His name is Anthony Natale," Constance Marie  ZAP2IT


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