ASL Consultant/Dialogue Coach

ASL  Consultant • ASL Coach • Drama Educator

Anthony Natale is a certified deaf interpreter/translator/transliterator  for sign language and teaches ASL interpreting in North America and California. Currently, he  trains American Sign Language interpreters, consultant actors in translating ASL dialogue and producers at theater, film and TV. He is  also available to teach group and private Sign Language Classes.

Anthony is currently teaching ASL Sign language workshops in California and New York City,  He travels North America to give workshops.  ASL workshop is the most interactive, comprehensive and effective method of learning American Sign Language (ASL). National leaders from the Deaf community offer a diversity of exposure to the culture and language. It is a 3 hours to 3 days long  intensive sign language program where students/ interpreters are absorbed in American Sign Language  

Who Benefits From ASL workshops?

Professionals with Deaf Clients (doctors, lawyers, clergy, counselors, teachers)

Vocational Rehab Employees

Teachers of the Deaf

Sign Language Students

Sign Language Interpreters


As a drama educator,   He is available to teach drama incorporating in ASL with dialogue or songs at your high school, college and dance school.  Contact him today!